Write a compound complex sentence with two subordinate clauses

Dependent noun clauses are kind of complicated. She returned the computer after she noticed it was damaged.

With a little effort and a bit of practice, you can learn to communicate effectively in English. Harry is a baseball player who is known all over the world. Vishnu is a brilliant boy. The more important idea belongs in the main clause, the less important in the clause introduced by the subordinate conjunction.

With the combination of an independent and dependent clause, they add fuller description and allow us to add a little more detail in a sentence.

Try not to bite your fingernails as you look at it. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Because I was running late for work, I was snippy with him.

A simple sentence structure contains one independent clause and no dependent clauses. Even though Dana persevered at the calculus exam, she was only adding another F beside her name in Dr. Types of Sentence Structures Any basic English writing course teaches students that there are four main types of sentence structures.

The adverbial clause describes when the action of the main clause, I had only two things on my mind, took place. An independent clause is a clause that can stand alone as a sentence. Whenever you detect a pause or distinction from your independent clause, check and see if you need a comma.

Complex Sentence Examples

Examples of Complex Sentences are below: I would like to visit the Kinshasa, but I understand the city isunsafe for foreigners. Example 5 features a noun phrase but no verb. Vishnu is a brilliant boy who has won several honors. Complex sentences contain an independent clause and at least one dependent clause.

Example of a Complex Sentence: Two Clauses, One Sentence

Frank Baum Because he was so small, Stuart was often hard to find around the house. Which one are we talking about? I have to save this coupon in case I come back to the store tomorrow.

Learn how to float, and not drown. These are called compound clauses. An example of such a grammatically incorrect sentence could be, "It is nearly half past five we cannot reach town before dark.

I hope this lesson helped you. As she was bright and ambitious, she became a manager in no time. Here are some examples: A dependent clause is usually attached to an independent clause.

Sometimes the word that begins the subordinate clause is the subject of the clause.

What is a compound complex sentence?

A noun clause is a dependent clause that functions like a noun. The law was passed: Hard work pays off, for some.

Exercise Combine the following pairs of simple sentences into complex sentences.

Sentence clause structure

I intend to continue using this every year! Notice that all of these sentences include an independent clause that could be used to create a sentence all on its own. A conjunction can be used to make a compound sentence.

See what we did there? Example 5 is a sentence fragment. Weeds are easy to grow, and hard to kill.Compound sentences contain two independent clauses — that’s all there is to it. Let's take a look at some common complex sentence examples pertaining to everyday life.

The Subordinate Conjunction

There’s only one difference. Compound sentences contain two independent clauses — that’s all there is to it. Let’s break down a couple complex sentence.

The Subordinate Conjunction Recognize a subordinate conjunction when you see one. Some sentences are ultimedescente.com sentences have two clauses, one main [or independent] and one subordinate [or dependent].

The essential ingredient in a complex sentence is the subordinate conjunction. Mar 20,  · 2) A compound sentence is one comprised of two independent clauses joined using a conjunction.

Compound sentences can be divided to make two simple sentences by removing the conjunction. “I burned dinner, but I didn’t burn the cake,” is an example of a compound ultimedescente.com: Jyl Lytle. A complex sentence consists of one main clause and one or more subordinate clauses joined together with the help of subordinating conjunction(s).

Two clauses connected by relative pronouns or relative adverbs are also examples of complex sentences. Writing a complex sentence is easy if you have a basic understanding of conjunctions and relative pronouns.

How to write complex sentences

A compound sentence is composed of at least two independent clauses. Techniques to Join Independent Clauses There are four techniques used to join independent clauses in a compound sentence.

A COMPOUND SENTENCE has two independent clauses joined by A. a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so), A COMPOUND-COMPLEX SENTENCE has two independent clauses joined to one or more dependent clauses.

(subordinate) clause may be introduced by 1.

Write a compound complex sentence with two subordinate clauses
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