Western struggles in shane a novel by jack schaefer

He sheds his gunslinger attire and never mentions his background.

Shane is right on the mark, but he is too late. Then, the teasing stops. So what the fuck Western struggles in shane a novel by jack schaefer I care if you hate me?

Since the narrator is a young boy, it is simple in its presentation. He fights Chris and Morgan, using only his hands as weapons; but when Wilson arrives in town and shoots Ernie, Shane is afraid he will also need to use his gun.

He next worked as an editor for the New Haven Journal-Courier from - ; simultaneously, he served as the assistant director of education for the Connecticut State Reformatory.

The book itself is terrific and gets my highest recommendation. First Blood, his second novel, and a book of short stories entitled The Big Range were published in The dark mood continues until the end of the book, when Shane feels he must leave the town without even saying a word of good-bye to the Starretts.

Bob and Marian watch the Western struggles in shane a novel by jack schaefer thing, horrified yet proud at the same time. When problems develop with Fletcher, he struggles with the right course of action to follow, for he does not want to fight or use a gun again, preferring to live a quiet, peaceful life on the Starrett farm.

Working in tandem and tirelessly, Shane and Joe topple the stump. The plot thus ends in a tragic comedy. Because of his past life, Shane easily defeats Wilson and Fletcher, shooting and killing them both in the saloon in a matter of moments.

After the gunfight Bob begs Shane to stay, but Shane says that when a man kills someone, he is marked forever and must go. Set in Wyoming, on the far reaches of the frontier, it portrays a small, rough Western town and a group of hard-working farmers who have homesteaded their land.

Although he is a man of few words, Shane sometimes banters with Marian, breaking the sober mood. He married Eugenia Hammond Ives in August of He feels it is the correct thing to do to fight Chris, Morgan, Wilson, and Fletcher in order to insure that Joe can keep his land and provide a place for Marian and Bob.

All of the attention in the story is focused on the protagonist, Shane, and few other characters appear within the pages of the novel. Shane kills Wilson but not before Wilson shoots him. It is obvious from the beginning that Shane is trying to flee from his past.

From untilhe served in editorial positions at the Baltimore Sun, the Norfolk Virginian, and the Shoreliner. At another point he tells Marian that if he separated her in the situation with the farm, he would not be much of a man.

Fletcher says that he wants Joe and Shane on his side and asks if he can hire them. Only a few months pass from the time Shane arrives in town until he kills Fletcher and departs once again. They are constantly teased about soda and pigs.

He is fighting a losing battle against his own history. This was my first time reading this novella and it certainly will not be my last. But keep on giving up that free real estate to me in your mind. Shane comes to the Wyoming valley to put his past existence as a gunslinger behind him.

After high school graduation, Schaefer attended Oberlin College, from where he graduated in He also refuses to carry his gun like Joe and the other farmers. The concept of being a man comes full circle—Bob, as a boy, realizes that Shane is the kind of man he wants to be and is changed as a person because of that realization.

He cannot bear losing his farm, and he does not want to endanger Shane or his family. Joe even says that Shane is the safest person their family could have around. The writing is fantastic, as well.

The narrator of the book, Bob Starrett notices the stranger and reacts to him with curiosity and awe. And I can thank my father for that. Joe refuses, and Fletcher tells him to take the night to think about it.

The entire novel is set in the Wyoming valley, with all of the action taking place at the Starrett farm and the local saloon. One final note, an inside look, if you willA short summary of Jack Schaefer's Shane.

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The novel Shaneby Jack Schaefer is a classic coming of age story as the young protagonist Bob Starrett learns what it means to be a man by observing and learning from his mysterious mentor, Shane. Jack Schaefer () was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and studied at Oberlin College and Columbia University.

Shane, his first piece of fiction, began as a short story. Mr/5(). For Shane by Jack Warren Schaefer, we provide a free source for literary analysis. We offer an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature.

In the book Shane what does

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Western struggles in shane a novel by jack schaefer
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