The history of presenting awards honoring movies since the 1920s

Through perseverance, protests, political pressure, legislation and legal action, NAACP leaders began forcing institutional change, leading the entertainment industry to become more inclusive and positive in its portrayals of people of color.

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Porter, directed The Great Train Robbery, an 11 minute movie describing a train robbery and the capture of the villains. For decades, the presence of African Americans in movies, music and literature was increasing.

Du Bois, who attended the University of Berlin before finishing his graduate studies at Harvard, then becoming the first African-American to earn a doctorate from there, assumed a professorship at Atlanta University.

Getting Modern with Trophies and Awards Trophies and awards today often harken back to older designs such as the chalice cup. They also started making 3-D movies which came with special 3-D viewing glasses.

Sometimes there were more than two styles released, especially when the movie was a major production. Posters or advertising for any entertainment needed to have vibrant colors and pictures and a limited amount of words, so that the advertising could be appreciated by a large number of people.

The one sheet continues to be used extensively today. As a movie poster collector, I love movie posters. Many times, the studio provided a photograph to be used on the poster. Fan magazines were also popular at this time. Such is the power of film.

Academy Award for Best Picture (1920s)

Melies filmed hundreds of fairy tales and science fiction stories. These were legitimate stage actors who felt embarrassed to be participating in this new medium. In turn, however, as more and more African Americans rose through the ranks in show business, so too did membership climb in the NAACP.

Movie producers decided that their posters should also have this Art Deco look. The movie companies also adopted this kind of advertising and soon the posters began to look more like color photographs.

Although the posters of this time continued the use of photography, drawing and painting styles were sometimes used and famous artists like Ansel Adams, Frank Frazetta and Bob Peak created some popular posters of this time.

In this case, it looks like history even back us up. These lobby card sets showed scenes of the movie and were placed in the theater lobby. Or does reality create the movies? With the growth of movie theaters, there was a need for more specialized sizes. Simply put, the censorship guidelines were not as strict on movies as they were on television, and this brought people into the movies.

The musicals of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and others were also an extremely popular form of entertainment. Stone columns were particularly popular in Rome. This culminated in with one of the biggest money makers in film history, the legendary Gone with the Wind.

The video rental market also became popular in and gave the producers another chance to make more money for their movies. This was a devastating blow to many actors. The earliest forms of advertising for movies included hand painted crates and sandwich boards.

This meant more movies, more advertising dollars and more movie posters. However, smaller trophies were also used in the ancient world. Motion pictures began more than years ago, and today it is a multi-billion dollar industry. Take a stroll with us from ancient times to present as we explore the history of awards and trophies.

Du Bois helped found and edited a magazine called The Crisis, focusing on civil rights, history, politics and culture. The Depression made people want to escape reality, and movies became even more popular.

Bythe studios began to receive mail addressed to these nameless actors.History of Movie Posters looks back at how movie posters came to be and their evolution over the decades. Movies and movie posters go hand in hand in helping the public identify their favorite films and stars.

Since there were so many cars on the road at this time, the posters were designed to be seen from long distances.

The 1920's

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An American painter and illustrator born in Philadelphia. He was talented since he was a child. Brought the direct knowledge of the European modernists' philosophy to America. One of the most important figures of postwar American art.

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The history of presenting awards honoring movies since the 1920s
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