The early life and heroic travels of marco polo

After safely escorting the princess, they learn that Kublai Khan has died and the Polos return home to Venice in The grounds around the palace are full of streams, fountains, gardens, birds, and wild animals. The general lack of personal details, lack of precision about the route taken, and use of Mongol and Turkish words instead of Chinese have also led people to doubt whether Marco Polo ever visited China.

At the time, Constantinople was part of the Byzantine Empire and remained as one of the most powerful cities in Europe. Did Polo ever make it to China?

Marco Polo

Their book was soon circulating, since Marco remained in prison only a year or so, very likely gaining his freedom when the Venetians and Genoese made peace in Rugoff Cleo Oct 22, 1: From Persia, the Polos made their way back to Venice.

He apparently returned to private life and business until his death in In a seventeen-year-old Marco Polo set off for Asia with his father and uncle. Meanwhile, Marco Polo tells us in his book that his father and uncle after several years of trading in Constantinople present day Istanbul, Turkey would travel further southeast, spending time in present-day Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, and China.

The Mongol hordes also threatened other parts of Europe, particularly Poland and Hungary, inspiring fear everywhere by their bloodthirsty advances. The last imposing stretch of the journey occurs when the threesome must now cross the large, arid Gobi desert.

Scholars also note that many of the embellishments could further have been added as it was hand copied and translated over the years since no original version is known to exist.

During the battle Marco Polo was taken prisoner. All would come in handy during his travels. The information contained in his maps has proved remarkably accurate when tested by modern methods. Ancient and Medieval Series. He never mentions the Great Wall of China which leads many to hesitate to believe him.

While they were there, a war broke out between Berke and the Cowan of Levantblocking their return home. The world that Polo described seemed quite strange and unbelievable to most readers, and even today many historians question the veracity of many of his stories.

However, since the fall of Rome, Europe was in a state of constant war. Moule and Paul Pelliot published a translation under the title Description of the World that uses manuscript F as its base and attempts to combine the several versions of the text into one continuous narrative while at the same time indicating the source for each section London, Book Two describes China and the court of Kublai Khan.

While crossing present-day Iran, the caravan would encounter sandstorms and bandits, leaving some members of their caravan captured or killed. It would not be long until he joined his father and his uncle Maffeo in their travels. Together they had three daughters: In Marco served as a gentleman-commander of a ship in the Venetian navy.

Niccolo and his brother Maffeo set off on a trading voyage before Marco was born and became very wealthy from their travels. After his prison experience, Marco was content to lead a quiet life in Venice with the rest of his family and bask in his almost instant literary fame.

During their trip back, the current Pope dies in and the Polos are delayed in their journey back to Khan as they must wait until the new Pope is elected in The journey took 3 years after which they arrived in Cathay as it was then called and met the grandson of Genghis KhanKublai Khan.

Marco Polo did not return to Asia again. Yet, according to Ramusio, the scorn changed to delight when the returned travelers invited everyone to a homecoming banquet, ripped apart their old clothes, and let all the hidden jewels clatter to the table Great Lives from History Marco writes that Kublai Khan did not want the Polos to leave as he enjoyed their company, but allows them to leave in order to escort a Mongolian princess bride to the Khan of Persian and to then visit their families in Venice with the expectation they would then return to China.

Perhaps he was restless for further adventure, or perhaps he felt obliged to fulfill his civic duties to his native city-state. These mountains at the time were believed by the travelers to be the highest mountains in the world and the long strenuous journey across these mountains took 52 days!The travels of Marco Polo from Venice to Asia opened up a whole new world to Europeans.

The story of his journey influenced mapmakers and inspired Christopher Columbus. Early life. Marco Polo. Marco Polo earned the nickname Marco il Milione, suggesting that Marco was a man who invented a million stories.

Little is known about Marco Polo’s life after the release of the book other than that he was married and had three daughters and likely continued in the mercantile business in Venice.

Marco Polo is one of the most well-known heroic travelers and traders around the world. In my paper I will discuss with you Marco Polo's life, his travels, and his visit to China to see the great Khan. Marco Polo is one of the most well-known heroic travelers and traders around the world.

In my paper I will discuss with you Marco Polo's life, his travels, and. Marco Polo Essay Examples.

Travel History: Marco Polo, the World’s First Great Travel Writer?

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1, words. Who was Marco Polo? - Biography, Facts & Timeline Marco Polo: Early Life. The Travels of Marco Polo contributed to the historical understanding of European geography and served as an.

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The early life and heroic travels of marco polo
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