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The author is astonished at the innovative methods by which the not so conversant Hmong seniors cheat on the printed part of their tests.

The orientation of the Hmong was directed towards the faction and Spirit and clotted essay the nation. Neil and Peggy failed to root for this approach of interaction and instead, ended up utilizing coercive procedures.

Blocking has been used significantly to bring about naturalism in the play. The play starts with the props in place.

Sociability leads to a more successful cooperation and contact, which enhances the friendliness feelings. Music Music has been used greatly in the play. This was due to the fact that Jeanine was an agent of the very State that intended to keep Lia.

In addition, she states that the Hmong blatantly lie about their physical status, marital status or ages as a way of obtaining particular benefits. She was at ease in both Anglo-American culture and among her kinsmen, the Hmong ppopulation.

Smaller props also called hand props are widely used.

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Despite the pressures that existed during that period; the processes Spirit and clotted essay with the hospital and the intense tension related to the emergency room atmosphere, Dan was still there for Lia.

Furthermore, the author expresses her warm feelings for the Merced Hmong population as she is able to outline particulars concerning this community. In most cases when one actor walks along the stage the other stops. The author in this context intends to express dishonesty as a survival response since this is not tolerated by the Hmong as a community.

The narrator finds a barrier in trying to access the Lee family and other Hmong individuals until she employs the assistance of May Ying.

On the other hand, physicians Neil and Peggy, who are treating Lia, make comments that are inconsiderate and disapproving about the Hmong in general and the family of Lee in particular yet, they meet frequently. The lee family expresses their love for Jeanine, the social worker.

In this case, the author highlights that affection and friendliness may result to a cyclical impact.

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This would not have happened without the props. The repercussion of this was the broadening of the rift between the Hmong population and the Merced County Fadiman The props have been used perfectly to bring out a scene of emotional impact.

Props may be large or small. As much as affection determines the relationship between individuals, it is evidently not sufficient. The background of May Ying formed the basis in which her services were sought by the author. He also avails eminent medical care for the sick Lia Fadiman Larger props are sometimes used as decorations in a play, for instance in this play we have the sofa and the table.

This has also been made possible by the good arrangement of the props and the decorations on the stage. Dan, the young inhabitant who has compassion for the local Hmong society, lives in harmony with the Lee family.

This is also well balance with the lighting for only a part is illuminated with red light.

This is substantiated by the manner in which Martin, the poetic nurse, interacts with the Hmongs. Consequently, this would have saved the mind of Lia. Regardless of his profound respect for Hmong customs and the hard work shown by the Lee family, he still relates inelegantly with them.

This enabled them to converse effectively and efficiently with her. Some decoration in the play are converted to props as the play continues for instance the vase starts as a decoration but letter ends as a prop.

The lee family could not welcome and accept Jeanine immediately as they had their own doubts. This cultural agent is not only a broker but also an individual who is engaged in the negotiations of cultural diversities and is able to present perspectives Fadiman In this play, stage Spirit and clotted essay is focused on a part of the stage mostly at the beginning of the play and also when Charles is talking to Elvira.

The author had encountered fruitless efforts until she enlisted the assistance of May Ying. The props are used well for their original use in normal life situation is maintained for instance the cups are used for taking tea which is its original use. For instance in the scene where Madam Arcati tries to talk to the spirit world, music plays on the background to give the mood of the play and also brings in some spiritualism in the play.

This puts the actors on the spott to be ready to be at the right spot at the right time so that they can be visible and well lit. This is well done in this play for the actor move in an orderly manner on the stage.The first chapter of Anne Fadiman's The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down sets the stage for the frustrating cross-cultural conflicts that.

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