Reversing the brain drain essay

Brain drain for the nation from which the emigrants leave to settle into the nation that promises better work opportunities becomes brain gain for the latter. If doctors and specialists find the going good in their own country, why go abroad?

The very high taxes imposed along with cruelty, and the mental brainwashing of crooked friars that only the poor and not the rich could go to heaven, and death was the only consolation must have made them ask: As countries lose their talent, its progress slows down and also lacks the contribution of the highly skilled human force, which has left the nation.

Reversing The Brain Drain – Essay

Top companies are making campus selection of the bright students from these institutes and many enter such fields as operations, finance, HR, marketing and systems. Protectionism may have had its benefits, got us to where we are, but it will not take us where we want to go as a country.

To conclude there is a need to review the social, political and economic conditions in the nations suffering from phenomenon of brain drain to provide better security and work opportunities to the skilled resources in the native nation. Never thought of staying in the U.

Many students leave their native nations for scientific and technological courses which are not offered by their own country and settle out in the country of study owing to better career opportunities, lucrative remunerations, security of life and health all of which lack in their country of birth.

This is indeed a happy news and indicates that our youth is absorbed in top jobs in India itself. However, with a reverse brain drain in recent times, India is gaining and will continue to gain in the Eng term by leveraging this pool of highly educated and skilled workers who also have the western experience.

He states that "Many second-generation Indians are coming back to the country". Why would foreign nationals want to work in a country that fails to impress multitudes of its nationals who chose to work abroad? Technical knowledge, business acumen and a sound understand of law and economics.

India loses around 3 percent of her skilled workforce including teachers, doctors, engineers, scientists etc. Abound with challenging Jobs, attractive pay packages and an equally good lifestyle, India is succeeding in bringing back the great minds.

The rich and developed nations grow richer and prosperous while the developing or underdeveloped nations stay poorer and backward. Urbanization and modernization in the country will not let up and will further intensify. Some were sold to slavery to pay for tax debts.

Short Speech on “Brain Drain”

Poorer nations like Africa suffer the worst from this problem and thus its development remains hindered. This has also increased the disparity in the economic and social prospects of the countries across the world. It leads to a scarcity of skilled resources which then began to charge high for their service to the nation and its countrymen.

And even if they go abroad to better their specialization, they would still prefer to return home and peruse a life of their own choice in India. Better and updated labs equipped with latest equipment can help retain more scientists and researchers leaving their country owing to lack of research opportunities.

And happily enough, this is already started happening now. What has assisted China in the flow of return migration are central government policies. The technology slowly becomes the onus of the developed nations when they grow richer with more resources contributing to their progress.

They either Join corporate or make their own start ups thus making the economy more competitive.

Reverse Brain Drain

The senate ratification of these international agreements made the hiring of foreign nationals legal and liberalized. Most educational institutions in India are designed to address only one or two of these areas. Thus the country which experiences the drain of skilled resources faces the getaway of financial capital also.

Mexico[ edit ] The federal government of Mexico has been implementing public policies, were included in Reversing the brain drain essay Program for the Support of Science and Research, which were designed to internationalize the domestic academic market and had the objective to repatriate young Mexican scientists who have obtained a postgraduate degree abroad.

Email your comments and questions to aseasyasABC ph. The foreign experience that they earned also helps them to capitalize on the untapped market and earn better remuneration. IIT Kanpur is now attempting to blend all these together and produce top notch entrepreneurs.

Many of these returning expatriates tended to have excellent credentials and due to their professional and cultural background were able to easily assimilate and find new job opportunities in the country — contributing to an overall "reverse brain drain" effect.

But this could have been partly true, because things have changed beyond recognition today and talented people can reach the highest position possible if only they are prepared to work hard. For this, countries suffering from it have to improvise their own socio-economic conditions and provide better salary scales and safe and healthy work conditions to their human capital.

Reversing The Brain Drain — Essay Article shared by We have been crying hoarse about the brain drain from India over the last five decades or more, without going in for a well set blueprint to check the counter — productive phenomenon.

These returnees also possess the essence of the country culture and some experience about the prevalent mindsets. Even in medieval times, the conquerors attacked the nation for gold and other wealth and took people of talent and knowledge with them.

Even countries like Europe were faced with the problem of brain drain until the introduction of green card that helped them gain more brains and compensated for the drained brains. The nations that lose the talent in turn have to depend upon foreign assistance for technical purposes.

Brain drain is a global phenomenon affecting the developing nations.Brain Drain Essay - One of the main efforts devoted by the authors is the design and collection of information but the first concern is the data. Some main types of Brain drain are Brain Gain, Brain circulation, Brain waste etc.

Causes of Increased Brain Drain in developing countries There are many factors which cause brain drain from the less developing countries to the highly developed countries. Reverse brain drain, which refers to the migration issue, whereby human capital moves in reverse from a more developed country to a less developed country that is developing rapidly, which is commonly defined as ‘brain drain’.

This reverse brain drain using talents of the world is actually legally available as early as when the Philippine Senate ratified the General Agreement on Trade in. Reverse brain drain is a form of brain drain where human capital moves in reverse from a more developed country to a less developed country that is developing rapidly.

These migrants may accumulate savings, also known as remittances, and develop skills overseas that. Reverse Brain Drain By semiquavers chime India is on the brink of an economic upturn as the phenomenon of brain drain has many asprofessionals were heading to the US every year in search of a great career.

Reversing the brain drain essay
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