Procedure writing activities year 1

Teaching Procedures

Procedure Writing Unit -Year 3 Teach your students to be specific and thorough when writing procedures by getting them to write a procedure for making toast. They can not look at each others pictures until the very end.

Ask students to listen for nouns verbs and adjectives that the author has used so they can identify them at the end. Read the old fabel about soldiers who made Stone Soup Ask students to listen for the procedure and the words chosen.

Activity 6 - Introduction to Procedural Writing Explain that good writing involves choosing the best words to communicate your ideas so that the reader will understand what you want them to. Discuss the importance of choosing nouns, verbs and adjectives that help the reader who is following the procedure.

It can also be fun to get them to read their instructions to you and you follow them. Following the procedure recipe for making Banana Bread is a great way to consolidate and conclude.

I love teaching procedure writing! The other students are word finders. Groups then spend time making their plane. I particularly liked the focus on word choices as an important part of writing a procedural text.

Watch Pre-K 2 My Notes If you register with our site, you can create your personal notes for each tool. Procedures need to be taught at the beginning of the year, but students will need reminders throughout the year.

Activity 10 - Reading of Stone Soup - a fabel. It can also be a gateway to teach so many other topics, cooking, measuring, verbs, adverbs, oral instructions and so much more!

Students partner up and are separated by a barrier. Prepare visuals It is very helpful to create a visual to aid in the explanation of a procedure. Students should be able to demonstrate the correct procedure.

Activity 15 - Publication and sharing Students can finalise and publish their procedure then share these with the class in a series of oral presentations. Explain that some writing involves telling the reader how to do something. Text-participants Students as text-users.

Oops, they forgot to push the toaster down? Ask students for more sequencing words, e. It can be a great laugh for everyone and a meaningful lesson. Clarify, discuss and provide feedback. Lather it on really thick or incredible thin. My procedure unit was written for year 3s but is easily adaptable for year 2 and 4.

Variations Other procedures See lists of procedures on the right for more ideas of procedures to plan for and teach.

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Procedure Writing Concept Book

Write out expectations For each procedure, students must know what to do and how to do it correctly. Then allow them to make the toast following their instructions down to the letter! Activity 14 - Creating a procedural text Students now work to create their own recipe, either real or fictional, using what they have learned about procedural texts and word choices.

Discuss the components of a procedure at the end and ask the students to identify the type of procedure it was. Brainstorm with the students to identify:Suggested Materials. Paper, pencils Option: proforma. Prior learning. The students have participated in a joint construction lesson for a procedure, suggesting the wording and identifying commands to be used.

Language learning is the most critical component of young students learning experiences. Jamie, Co-ordinator of the Literacy and Web project, teaches Year 1, and decided to.

Procedure Writing Unit -Year 3.

Procedure packs a punch! Cool Year 1!

Sequencing activities are great introduction into procedures. Teaching procedure writing also has a great lot to do with giving verbal instructions. I find barrier games a great introduction into instructions. Students partner up and are separated by a barrier.

One partner makes a picture and then must. Find and save ideas about Procedural writing on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Procedure writing, Procedural text and Writing checklist. start of year 1.

5 Procedure Writing Stimulus Sheets

Find this Pin and more on Writing by Kathy Pennell. Writer's Workshop Writing Templates: use with 6 traits of writing! Procedure - Writing Chart and Activities (Down Under Teacher. Procedure Writing Stimulus (Let's Write A Procedure) Course English Grade Grade 4 Section Writing Outcome Writing a Procedure: How To Draw A Cube Activity Type Lesson Guide Activity ID Prev Next Activity: View similar activities.

Y4 – Year 4. Y4.W – Writing. A 10 week unit (~10 lessons) for teaching procedure writing with separate planners for years 5 and 6 and aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Includes all lesson resources such as worksheets, printable activities, assessments and posters.

Procedure writing activities year 1
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