Opinion writing prompts

After the board game, I gave students three prompts from the game.

FREE Writing Prompts : Opinion Writing & Picture Prompts

Write a story that starts with someone falling down a flight of stairs. Even my most emergent, timid writers shine using them! I had one student ask if he could combine sentence frames, which opened up the discussion for how to adjust the sentence frames.

Name Generator Narrative Writing Prompts Narrative writing is a format that describes events both fictional and non-fictionaland these narrative writing prompts will give you topics or ideas to write about. I want a set of student Opinion writing prompts that we can refer back to and revise over the coming weeks as we delve deeper into opinion writing.

This gives them exposure to accurate academic language for opinion writing. Businesses use it for quick, organized memosreports e.

Write about a time you were so happy it almost hurt. Write about a memory you have that could have been a dream. Would you rather be really big or really tiny?

What are the top five qualities you would look for in a spouse? Write about meeting someone and not liking them at first, but growing to like them. If you invented a celebration dance, what would it be called?

We came back together to report out one or two reasons for each recess activity. These prompts have a summer vocabulary word bank for each picture to naturally differentiate your writing center.

Write a story that ends on a cliff. The program is perfect for both sides of this equation. What would it look like?

Write about a random act of kindness. Students chose a prompt, wrote an opinion statement and three reasons for it. What shows would you visit? If you could instantly be the best in the world at anything, what would you choose? How would you describe yourself?Throughout the whole week, I made sure that students were writing an opinion and set of reasons each day.

I want a set of student work that we can refer back to and revise over the coming weeks as we delve deeper into opinion writing.

The Easy Essay ℗ or Where was this when I was in school? The Easy Essay is the 2+2=4 of writing. Just as 2+2=4 works at all levels of mathematics, the patented and free Easy Essay Process works at all levels of expository/proof writing and appears to eventually help the logical thought process itself.

Narrative Writing Prompts

Benefits of Writing and Journaling— Journaling has many benefits for both children and adults, and the simple act of writing is a powerful way to express feelings, new ideas, and to instill ultimedescente.comg daily can translate into encouraging kids to find innovative ways of thinking, and will excite them endlessly with the prospect of possibility.

This page contains creative journal writing prompts for students. Super Teacher Worksheets also has thousands of writing worksheets and printable activities.

Fabulous Writing Prompts: Thought-Provoking Springboards For Creative, Expository, and Journal Writing [Jacqueline Sweeney] on ultimedescente.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Creative, engaging, thought-provoking prompts for every day of the school year!

More than ways to motivate even your most reluctant writers. Topics.

73 4th Grade Writing Prompts

Opinion Writing: Building Skills Through Discussion, Reading, and Writing 2 Overview From Teacher to Teacher In Results Now, Schmoker says, “Reading, writing, and discussion—these three—are the foundation for a well-equipped mind: the key to equity, access, and economic opportunity.“.

Opinion writing prompts
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