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Unfortunately, there is evidence that nuclear evacuation plans have not been dealt with seriously in Pakistan. Is it safe to build a reactor so close to so many people?

Ehtisam, Karachi on Jan, 30 Reply 0 I was watching an interview of Dr Abdul Qadeer khan and I realized that he is way more talented then we know, he has turned over the fate of this country. India, which has over 2, megawatts of solar power, announced in February a plan to build a 4,megawatt solar plant in online writers jobs in pakistan atomic energy Rajasthan desert.

Sonia, Islamabad on Feb, 14 Reply 0 He is the true Pakistani who made us proud in front of the western world and no matter what we Pakistani does we should be proud that we belong to a country who hold Atomic Power.

If Karachi Port Trust and Port Qasim Authority have to be shut for weeks, months, possibly years, because of radioactive contamination, what would happen to all the industries and people across the country that depend on the imports and exports passing through these ports? They are also competitive in terms of electricity cost.

Dawood, Lahore on Jan, 19 Reply 0 Very informative article on one of our national hero. Nuclear authorities have a history of dismissing local concerns regarding public safety. Poor and powerless village communities around the Baghalchur area of Dera Ghazi Khan have reported health effects from uranium mining operations.

The total capacity of existing windmills there is a mere megawatts. But will this first of a kind reactor actually behave as it should?

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This is for good reason; the consequences of a reactor failure could be immeasurably worse than an airplane crash. Just last year, India installed 2, megawatts of wind power and has plans for expansion. Shahid mentioned the need for knowledge-based major industrial breakthrough and said that almost all developed countries like America, Japan, and Europe have gradually switched over to the new and high-tech knowledge industries and this is the reason that they made rapid progress.

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He not just made Atom bomb but he actually made us undefeatable and unconquerable by our enemies. Eventually, under pressure, the villagers withdrew their court cases. By giving us nuclear technology, he showed our enemies the true patriotic nature of Pakistanis. They show the world how wonderful Pakistani minds are.

Read More Articles by washma khan washma: The initial exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after its accident was 30 kilometers and even today no one is permitted to live within this distance of the site.

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He was the hero who make Pakistan an Atomic Power in the World. It would release over 20 times the energy of an 8. The experience from Fukushima and Chernobyl shows nuclear-accident evacuations can last for years and even decades. A contract was signed in Decemberbut these European companies may not be allowed to sell the same systems for the Karachi reactors.

In a nuclear accident, those affected could be in the millions but, again, those responsible may never be brought to task. Fortunately, there is still time to reconsider them.

If the Chinese nuclear industry has to produce such systems, they will be the first of a kind. Indeed, K-2 and K-3 construction was initially supposed to be coincident with the construction of two prototypes of the ACP reactor design in China.

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It plans to build two such reactors in China, and subsequently hopes to get permits for exporting similar units to Europe and North America. Citing national security reasons, opaqueness underlies all nuclear projects, civilian and military. Some 13, megawatts of wind power plants were installed in the U.

If Pakistan is going to rely on China to solve its energy problems, then why not import wind turbines and production technology from China? The National Disaster Management Authority responded sluggishly. If the Karachi reactors go ahead, the nuclear shadow will spread across the country and will be here to stay for a very long time.

NIBGE has already developed medicines for hepatitis and cancer. How will so many people be moved so quickly and to where? A rare Bollywood movie tackling homophobia gets its Indian premiere on Friday, with the film-makers hoping it will help change attitudes in the conservative country where homosexuality is illegal The classes will be started on November 4.

The real population of Karachi may be closer to 20 million. The authors are physicists with an interest in nuclear issues. The downstream population received little warning.

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Ali Leghari; Ali Raza The local production of medicines could be easily utilized in the 18 nuclear medical institutes run by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Recent Jobs. Social. PAEC Jobs in Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Islamabad The PAEC is a leading and prestigious institute that is looking for competent, talented and qualified individuals for appointment against the posts that can be seen over the official website.

Pakistan is a very blessed country because solar energy is available in most cities all year round similarly wind energy is readily available in the coastal areas.

These energy sources if tapped can be of great help in reducing the current demand supply gap. Atomic Energy Jobs in Pakistan Find all Atomic Energy Jobs announced in Pakistan on Paperpk.

Jobs in Atomic Energy are announced regularly in top Newspapers. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission also known as PAEC is one of Pakistan highly paid and most efficient Federal government organization.

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