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Tamil was also used widely in inscriptions found Mother tongue tamil southern Andhra Pradesh districts of Chittoor and Nellore until the 12th century AD.

May that be the truth! Certified So far 26 software and hardware offerings have been certified which conform to the standards and have been authorized for use in Tamil Nadu Government and its institutions. The evolution of Old Tamil into Middle Tamilwhich is generally taken to have been completed by the 8th century, [47] was characterised by a number of phonological and grammatical changes.

These include such words as camphor and mandarin.

MotherTongue : Tamil

That Tamil language has it relevance and more importantly a perfectly anchored place in modern day higher education is reflected in the results of the Civil Service Examinations. The closest major relative of Tamil is Malayalam ; the two began diverging around the 9th century AD.

It is likely that most are Indian Muslims married to ethnic Malays. The influence of Indian teachers of English in Singapore schools, who brought elements of Indian English pronunciation, syntax, etc.

Karunanidhi to usher Renaissance in Tamil and transmit this heritage to posterity. Tamils and Malayalees are the two main South Indian communities in Singapore, forming two-thirds of the Indian population.

It is one of the official languages of the union territory of Puducherry and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Similarly, as part of the policy of the National Library Boardcommunity lending libraries in Singapore, as well as the national-level Lee Kong Chian Reference Librarymaintain sections of books in all four official languages, including Tamil.

Ancient and colonial-era Indian loan words in Standard English. To be a great citizen we must have a great education!

Coding schemes for Tamil monolingual and bilingual scripts have been finalized and notified besides, a certification mechanism, supported by the Tamil software industry has been put in place to certify compliance of hardware and software offerings with the standards referred to above.

The steps initiated by the Tamil Nadu Government in this regard are quite reassuring. Singapore has a commercially run Tamil language daily newspaper, Tamil Murasu. A large community of Pakistani Tamils speakers exists in KarachiPakistanwhich includes Tamil-speaking Hindus [77] [78] as well as Christians and Muslims — including some Tamil-speaking Muslim refugees from Sri Lanka.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message Sincepublic school students were able to take Hindi or some other Indian languages as their second language in major examinations, whereas previously only official languages like Tamil were offered.Tamizh Is My Mother Tongue-U.likes · 51, talking about this.

TV/Movie Award/5(21). Tamil is the most spoken Indian language in Singapore and the only Indian language among Singapore's four official languages, alongside Mandarin, (the language of trade) Malay (the national language) and English (the language of administration), and % of Singapore residents speak Tamil at home.

Mother Tongue Tamil. Mother Tongue-Based Multi-Lingual Education in Philippine Schools Mar 8, by braincontour Scenario: A Waray-speaking couple from Samar decided to relocate in Cebu for job. Can we have a more classical medium of instruction than our mother tongue, our hoary Tamil language which also happens to be the oldest and the best documented Dravidian language, asks Prof.

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G. Thiruvasagam, Vice Chancellor, University of Madras. Aug 29,  · Ramanujan has also argued that many Hindu men have both a mother tongue (the everyday language, such as Tamil, spoken by women downstairs, in the back, in the kitchen) and a father tongue (once Sanskrit, more recently English, the literary lingua franca spoken—or at least discussed—by men in the front rooms).

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Mother tongue tamil
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