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That is an error. If you can drive at 45 mph in your "city", for a mile or two, then you can get 60 mpg. So, to play up the advantages too strongly, the car has for city driving, I think can be misleading.

SI previously filed a lawsuit against Toyota on September 12, claiming Lmkm Lmkm km m m infringement. I touch on the gas or brake very lightly when the pace changes. I object to the removal of the sentence based on your experience only. FYI - AB was introduced in by CA Assembly Member George Nakano to allow hybrid vehicles onto the high-occupany vehicle lanes, regardless of the number of occupants in the vehicle.

A video camera overlooking the rear bumper tire pressure monitoring MP3 compatible audio system, input jack for portable music players etc. My grade school teacher taught me to write short and clean sentences. Also, it does not affect the battery because the computer will automatically cancel EV mode if the battery gets too low or you go too fast.

The car will electrocute its occupants if it goes into deep water. Providing sources and backing up facts, and not including heresay, would greatly improve the quality of this article. However, as the EPA estimate point out the city driving has a much greater advantage.

The sentence below is a mile long. If nobody provides evidences, I will remove the following paragraphs. According to an news article in Sacramento Bee on Dec 6,the Fed approval will not come in time for the Jan 1, roll out of the new law.

Only stickers will be issued and the privilege may be revoked in the future if traffic condition changes. With a new drag coefficient of 0.

Holders of these special transponders are responsible for hiding their transponders inside a mylar bag when crossing the toll booth as carpoolers, but show them in view when crossing as non-carpooling hybrids.

Ford signed a licensed agreement in March to use 20 hybrid technology patents from Toyota. Based on the known equation and given the same air density, and same car shape, the drag on the car is proportional to the square of the velocity. It is not clear if this strategy applies to any finite board sizes.

I made the change on Jun 15, I have fixed it and the following entry on the Nissan too. There is no word about the GX or Camry going hybrid soon even though Toyota announced that their entire product line will go hybrid eventually few years from now.

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While this commision cannot actually assess and award damages, it can block the import of any product that it determines violates a U.

Both of these designes utilize regenerative braking, assist, and idle-stop. It would only make sense for Toyota to do other hybrids before cannibalizing their own sedan class.

Usually I can move the car at a steady slow pace to match with the stop and go pace. Many people using the proper technique reported city mileage in the mid 60 mpg.

What other citation do you need? Toyota plans to sell the Lexus in latepromising equal performance of the 4. I believe that the difference in our experience can be chalked up to differences in driving style -- hybrid vehicle has a section on tactics for best fuel efficiency.

The Volt electric system is also good for the model only. It takes about 30 days to issue the stickers, hence hybrids may start to use HOV lane starting around Sept 10, My main concern now is with the sentence "This means the advantages of a hybrid are mainly in city driving.A type of internet laugh, there's many types: Haha, Hehe, LOL, LMAO, etc.

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