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Clever use of the small set, great lighting, strong writing, familiar humour, outstanding dancing, fine singing, believable acting and generally unforgettable showings by each of the cast makes for one of the very best shows you will see this year. Soon, the guys and girls leave the club or are thrown out in some casesand the bouncers begin the clean-up operation, with Lucky Eric finding a tenner, hence his nickname.

September 4 Location: They were together for two days you know! But how wrong we were, and in a very good way! Share via Email Hull is undoubtedly on the up. The show then begins to loud dance themes including Bad Girlsand amazingly enough, those same four bouncers then ran onto the stage and set off on a wild and funny dance routine.

Theatre Review: Bouncers, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

The show closes with a major dancing routine to Uptown Funk, interspersed with some unexpected numbers such as a Bollywood tune, which is an excellent and highly energetic end to the evening. It has become an indelible part of the theatrical landscape.

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool After seeing the original Bouncers show some years ago, there was a sense of expectation for what this new incarnation would present. The characters are challenging in that each cast member is required to use voice and gesture alone to switch from drunken to trashy club tart and back to bouncer again.

Bouncers survives because the urge to drink, fight and reproduce is never likely to go out of fashion. After that initial surprise came another one: When the monologue was being performed, the lighting differed, having only Eric in sight, which informed the audience that he was the focus of the scene.

There were very authentic mannerisms and accents by all four; the posture and moves were spot-on. Despite the heavy-handed approach to the theme, it is an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours. The truly hilarious moments, which make me laugh just thinking about them include the switch from hard bouncer to desperate party girl and transformation from serious guy to sexy but shy Suzy also seen as the club tart.

The actors do not change their costumes during the play, instead the characters gestures and voice, help the audience to identify the sex of the character, the only prop used is a handbag.

One character namely Eric presented the audience with four monologues in-between the play, expressing his thoughts and feelings as a bouncer, this added realism to the production and did not portray bouncers in a stereotypical manner.

All four bouncers switch role from tarted up girls to pissed guys.

Theater review on: 'Bouncers' Essay

The city centre has been regenerated, the Tigers are in the Premiership and Hull Truck is on the move. The sets were simplistic but effective, wit great use of lights and basic props. But it held the elixir that many theatre administrators can only dream about - packed audiences buzzing with the satisfaction of a guaranteed good time.

Bouncers, Theatre Review. Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool.

All four actors worked very hard and put on a tremendous performance in what was a fantastic show, much better than expected, and even better than our previous experience with the show!

The roof leaked, there was no wing-space or flying facilities and the auditorium always smelled faintly of the toilets. The production was very professionally handled. These change-overs embody the fine performance by all four actors, who multi-task throughout; at one point, they become a band, singing My Girl in accapella and dancing away, which was very impressive, where they then suddenly change back into the girls Susie, Elaine, Rosie and Maureenwho are singing Put A Ring On It.

The facial expressions and gestures create costumes and scenery in our head automatically. As director Dominic Dromgoole pointed out, the common bond between any group of male actors is that they will have at some point been in a production of Bouncers and will recite lines from it as if printed on their genetic code.

Scene changes illustrate the end and beginning of chapters, with lighting and music joining sound effects in being a very good and simple way to transition between parts of the show.

Throughout the show, the songs chosen manage to perfectly capture those moments, and are very intelligently used.Theater review on: 'Bouncers' As a venue Richmond, theatre provides a perfect platform for the staging of British playwright John Godber’s outrageous comedy ‘Bouncers’ - Theater review on: 'Bouncers' introduction.

The play ‘Bouncers’ explores the dynamics of working class pub and nightclub culture and offers the audience a remarkably in-depth.

All four actors worked very hard and put on a tremendous performance in what was a fantastic show. Bouncers is a must-watch! Bouncers; 17th of October at High Wycombe Swan Theatre. Bouncers is a comical, yet serious dive into urban nightlife.

The actors use multi-role to play a variety of different characters with hilarious results. Review of a live piece of theatre Introduction:We went to see the "Blood Brothers" on the 23rd of May at the Phoenix Theatre.

The plot of the story was that there were two twins separated at birth. Spring Street theatre, HullThis play survives because the urge to drink, fight and reproduce is never likely to go out of fashion, writes Alfred Hickling. It is a view in art that must be maintained and in the Boisterous Theatre Company and Maurice Bessman’s new version of John Godber’s admired and much-loved Bouncers, change is not just radical or innovative, it is a wonderful revolution.

Live theatre review of bouncers
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