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Practical relevance means the manuscript links explicitly to an actual, relevant managerial challenge.

All these questions are agnostic to the kind of methodology used or the epistemological foundation embraced.

The scope encompasses both for-profit and non-profit operations. While manuscripts published in JOM do not necessarily have to give advice to managers, they must have something non-obvious to say about the practice of operations management.

Occasional panel contributions — these are similar to panel sessions at the annual conferences of EurOMA on general importance and interest. IJOPM relies on a knowledgeable pool of reviewers and Associate Editors who provide invaluable feedback and help to achieve a professional publishing experience.

IJOPM aims for a high quality and swift review process. We encourage diversity both in terms of theoretical bases and empirical approaches. This special issue contains an excellent set of papers that represents the depth and breadth of the research presented at EurOMA in Meredith, Jonas Soderlund and Tyson Browning.

General topics covered by the journal are divided into nine departments. All manuscripts published in JOM must, in one way or another, also transcend the immediate empirical context in which the research is embedded. The mission of Journal of Operations Management JOM is to publish original, empirical operations management research that demonstrates both academic and practical relevance.

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This does not mean all work must be motivated by practical considerations, it means the link to practice must be credible, and something that is considered at the outset of the research endeavor, not merely as an implication.

Focused Special Issues are published on topics that are particularly relevant to current issues, research themes, practice or wider socio-economic issues. Irrespective of the mode of enquiry or methods used, the key issues are appropriateness of methodology, clarity in how the study has been carried out and rigor in the application of methods.

Academic relevance means the research contributes to on-going academic discussions and debates on relevant topics in operations management. Whatever the topic and context, operations must be at the heart of the research question, not just in the context.

Harvey Maylor, Jack R. An ideal manuscript balances rigor with relevance and offers a novel aspect to a topic of contemporary concern.

Journal of Operations Management

Below figure shows the average time from original submission to editorial decision, the new process was started in October Read more The mission of Journal of Operations Management JOM is to publish original, empirical operations management research that demonstrates both academic and practical relevance.

Is the work methodologically transparent? While the targeted review time from submission to decision is 60 days, the actual average review time amounts to slightly less than 30 days per round of review desk rejects included.

Old theories, new contexts: Methodological papers that are of interest Discipline exploratory papers, Early research short papers, small sample sizes, preliminary results.

In preparing your manuscript, ask yourself: We do not, however, publish manuscripts whose primary audience is the practitioner; academic relevance is always a necessary condition. Key Benefits The international editorial team insists that material published in the journal is of value to the practicing manager as well as the academic community.Journal of Operations Management.

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Next vol/issue. Download PDFs. Export. Expand all article previews. Full text access IFC-Editorial boards. American Journal of Operations Management and Information Systems (AJOMIS) is a peer-reviewed and open access journal, which aims to provide profound contributions to operations management theories and applications.

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Check the Author information pack on Skip to content. Menu. Cart 0. Please check the relevant section in this Guide for Authors for more details. or, maximum 20. Journal of Operations Management | Citations: 5, | The mission of the Journal of Operations Management is to publish original, high-quality research papers in the field of operations management.

To be recognized as the leading journal in its field it seeks to Journal of Operations Management. Supports Open Access. Latest articles. An empirical examination of surgeon experience, surgeon rating, and costs in perioperative services.

Valuing supply-chain responsiveness under demand jumps. More about the journal. International Journal of Operations & Production Management is available as part of an online subscription to the Emerald Operations, Logistics & Quality eJournals Collection.

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Journal of operations management 20
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