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The 4 p’s- Marketing mix

So, to gain the competitive advantage, only the production of verities of clothes and footwear is not enough. The product quality and the financial strengths of the company are very high and the company is highly dependent on these facts for gaining the competitive advantages Lovelock The recommendations of this report will help the company to achieve the competitive advantages in their future business.

Conclusion Primark is a much known brand into the fashion retail industry Fashion marketing mix primark basically works on the market orientation concept of the marketing. This strategy is pursued by companies selling affordable products across all sectors.

Selective distribution also helps in maintaining the good relationship with the customer and its channel members and gives maximum market coverage and more control over the factors such as transportation, production etc. Journal of Business Research,65 1 Pay what you want as a marketing strategy in monopolistic and competitive markets.

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science,40 1pp. Developing some unique design of the clothes may be the cause of the availability of some unique products which will differentiate the products of the company form others.

This uniqueness may attract many new customers towards the products and services offered by Primark. In this report, the marketing strategies of Primark will be investigated for understanding the market situation of the company.

This is a small distraction can give huge profit to Primark.

Marketing Plan For Primark

The marketing mix for two segments demographic and behavioural is as follows: A modified VIKOR multiple-criteria decision method for improving domestic marketing for fashion retail industry. They should incorporate the online shopping facility by adding the online shopping carts in the website of the company.

The new product or segment is developed by keeping the old aged people in mind and they are very price sensitive.

The integrated promotional activities are as follows: But in international marketing, it would be very difficult for Primark to anticipate taste and preference of the population and especially the culture of the country. So it has made an online presence over the internet.

Adaptation of marketing mix elements in international markets. Introduce new range of products and services: Primark has to focus on the culture of the customer in which it is going to open the stores and also has to follow rules and rituals.

To enter into market of new country, Primark has to conduct the different research in results a big loss of money while in domestic market there is no need of such high level research as the company is already aware of lots of things. The company is not focusing in the area of promoting their products like the other competitor companies.

In AprilPrimark has decided to give the compensations to the victims of Rana Plaza building that has been collapsed and hosted many factories, one of which produced the garments for Primark.Describe about marketing Strategy of Primark, rise of the online fast fashion and strategies to address areas of concern.

The clothing retail industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the high profile business environment of the present UK market.

The target marketing and product /5(14K). Apr 12,  · The 4 p’s- Marketing mix 4 p’s: Product, Price, Place (location), Promotion I decided to look at two different ends of the high street spectrum and took a pair of 70’s style flared trousers from Primark which is an affordable, lower end high street shop and Topshop who are one of the higher end high street brands who have been.

It includes identifying Primark close Competetitors in a perceptual map, the marketing mix, this report also includes the PESTLE analysis of Singapore fast fashion market. MARKETING PLAN FOR PRIMARK Marketing Plan for Primark Marketing Plan for Primark Introduction Primark is a string Irish fashion shops belonging to the group Associated British Foods.

Primark. Marketing Mix: Product: Primark mainly has fashionable clothing's, our project on is Primark, which is a fast fashion retailer.

In other words, it is a chain of stores where one can buy clothing and more, fast, in low prices and a wide variety to choose from. The company opened the first store in in Dublin, Ireland.

Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment – Primark. Introduction.

Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment – Primark

The most important factor that helps organisation to grow in the market depends on how the organisation is marketing the product that is produced by it to the customers present into the market.

Fashion marketing mix primark
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