Biography of thomas hardy

In he went to London, England, to work. I feel like I just came from delivering pizza and I got lucky. Wessex had been the name of an early Saxon kingdom, in approximately the same part of England.

He left school in 16and was articled to the architect John Hicks in Dorchester. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: He was baptised at the age of five weeks and attended church, where his father and uncle contributed to music.

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Thomas Hardy

He battled alcoholism and a crack cocaine addiction in his early-to mid-twenties, but has been sober since Winter Words was published after his death. Discuss this Thomas Hardy biography with the community: It is a shooting-script. She did not entirely approve of the content of his fictions, and last but not least, his romantic attachments to young artistic ladies, such as Florence Henniker, Rosamund Tomson, and Agnes Grove.

Far from the Madding Crowd was successful enough for Hardy to give up architectural work and pursue a literary career. And he fought for me to work in the theater because he got me my equity card on Broadway, and in Chicago. Doing that play, I met Brett C. Between and Hardy wrote mostly in blank verse a great panorama of the Napoleonic wars, the epic drama The Dynasts.

His occupation required extensive trips to various locations in Dorset. His second wife was later buried near her husband. His mother enjoyed reading and relating all the folk songs and legends of the region.

He is an actor in Surrey, England. On the death of Hicks in 29 the business was taken over by G. The performance was so impressive that Hardy, despite his eighty years, became infatuated with the young actress who played Tess. There was Bane, Warrior, Bronson, and now the Krays. He learned French, German, and Latin by teaching himself through these books.

His father was a stonemason and builder; his mother passed on her love of reading and books to her son. From untilhe worked secretly on his autobiography, which was published in two volumes and as the work of Florence Hardy.

They attended theatres, operas, and social gatherings.Thomas Hardy was born June 2, in the village of Upper Bockhampton, located in Southwestern England.

Tess of the d'Urbervilles

His father was a stone-mason and a violinist. His mother enjoyed reading and retelling folk songs and legends popular in the region. From his family, Hardy gained the interests that would. Thomas Hardy: Thomas Hardy, English novelist and poet who set much of his work in Wessex, his name for the counties of southwestern England.

Hardy was the eldest of the four children of Thomas Hardy, a stonemason and jobbing builder, and his wife, Jemima (née Hand).

Thomas Hardy Biography

Thomas Hardy was born on June 2,in Higher Bockhampton in Dorset, England, which formed part of the "Wessex" of his novels and poems. The first of four children, Hardy Died: Jan 11, Thomas Hardy, the son of a stonemason, was born in Dorset, England, on June 2, He trained as an architect and worked in London and Dorset for ten years.

Thomas Hardy's biography and life Hardy was born June 2,in the village of Upper Bockhampton, located in Southwestern England.

His father was a. Tom Hardy is a British actor known for his roles in the films Black Hawk Down, Star Trek: Nemesis and Inception. Learn more about his life and career at

Biography of thomas hardy
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