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For details about specific academic talent search programs, visit these websites. Eligibility Virtually every student is allowed to take the ACT test. Request a refund for optional services If you do not test and do not make a test date change, the following fees for optional services are refundable if you ordered and paid for the services when you registered: You must register again and pay the full fee for your test option if you want to retest.

Review our Test Day Checklist and get ready to test. You must be facing the camera. If you register for a new test date instead of making a test date change, your basic fee for the original test date will not be refunded. The first step to getting an ACT admission ticket is registering for the test.

If you do end up at the test center with no ticket, you can try having a friend or family member who lives nearby print it out and bring it to you. Following the science test you should expect to take a shorter, multiple-choice test covering one of the previous subject areas, Please try your best on these questions, because your participation can help shape the future of the ACT.

If you have a digital version of your school photo, just use that! Otherwise, feel free to breeze through it and submit blank answers.

You are homebound or confined You require a test to be given on a non-Saturday and a test center is not available within 50 miles of your home Test centers are not available in your country or within 50 miles of your home in the U. Academic Talent Identification Programs Students enrolled in grades 6, 7, or 8, who have been identified by their schools as academically talented, may be invited to participate in an academic talent search program that includes taking the ACT.

Standby Testing If you miss the late deadline to register for a test date, or to request a test date or test center change, you may choose to sign in to your ACT account to request and pay for standby testing.

You will be charged the full fee for the new test date in addition to the test date change fee.

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Want to improve by 4 points or more on the ACT? Online registration gives you the advantages of being able to confirm that their is an open spot at your selected test site as well as the ability to print your admission ticket.

You must use a portrait, not landscape, photo that is correctly oriented. The scores for your ACT test are typically available from three to eight weeks after you take your test.

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A roster that includes photos submitted during registration Important: When this occurs, the test will be rescheduled for a future date.

ACT tries out questions to develop future tests.

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It is your responsibility to know whether your calculator is permitted. If you do, you will be dismissed and your answer document will not be scored. The first step is to log into your ACT account here.

The important page is the first one: Our security measures include: Apply for a fee waiver if you qualify.

Admission Tickets

We encourage students who are 13 years of age or older to register online. You must have your admission ticket to get into the test center.

Be ready to begin testing after all examinees present at 8: Due to Internet privacy laws, students 12 years or younger cannot register online or create an ACT web account, even if their parents or guardians assist them or create their account.

Be sure to enter it on your answer sheet exactly as it appears on the ticket. Your photo must be a clear image of ONLY you not blurry, grainy or fuzzy against Act admission ticket plain, background.

You cannot wear dark glasses. If you do not, all tests attempted will be scored. Additional Reminders Please note that ACT may visit test centers to conduct enhanced test security procedures including, but not limited to, collecting images of examinees during check-in or other security activities on test day.

Students taking the ACT no writing with standard time are normally dismissed about Every other page in this section is irrelevant to your ACT score.

Students typically take the ACT in their junior year, but students may take it anywhere from 6th grade to 12th grade. Fees for optional services may be refundable.May 23,  · Re: Act Admission Ticket Print As per the request let me inform you in case of loss of ACT admission ticket all what you have to do is get to there official web page and then click for ACT Web account and login for the new copy of your lost ACT admission ticket.

I only post this because I uploaded the wrong photo for my ACT admissions ticket and the information for how to change it was hard to find. There is no way to do it during the online registration process. The admission ticket is a different document from the identification form, and you must have both to test.

Calculators We recommend you bring two sharpened number 2 pencils, an approved calculator (review ACT's calculator policy and SAT’s calculator policy), and a snack and drink for breaks. The ACT admission ticket shows that you are the person actually signed up to take the test—hence why it has a picture.

The ticket is a relatively new requirement and is designed to make it harder for people to cheat by having someone else take the test in their place. The printed Admission Ticket confirms that a student is registered to take a specified test on a specified date, at a specified test center, and it confirms students are who they say they are.

Online ACT Test registration is faster and it enables you to determine if your testing location has space for you. Registering for the ACT Test online also allows you to print your ACT admission ticket.

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Act admission ticket
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