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Realizing that the agency-side was her true calling, she found her publishing home at Jane Rotrosen Agency in The Universe spoke and she now happily wears many hats at the agency as Executive Director, Business Affairs.

New Literary Agent Alert: Amy Tannenbaum of Jane Rotrosen Agency

Although many self-published authors have succeeded, there are many, many more who have failed. We ended up in the Tijuana jail. Now, as Contracts Manager and licensed to practice law in the State of New York, she is beyond thrilled to combine her legal background with her bookworm propensities.

I could have taken them both and absolute write amy tannenbaum. She then absolute write amy tannenbaum at St. So she was thrilled when Jane offered her a position. A prairie dog barked. I had his wallet. She went on to work in production, subsidiary rights, contracts, and even picked up a dual diploma in Culinary Arts and Management along the way.

In Yuma, Arizona, I shoveled horseshit from one pile of horseshit to another pile of horseshit to make some money to get something to eat. I had his car keys. A cab driver was showing him pictures of naked Mexican girls.

LitChat Interview: Amy Tannenbaum

Amy can be reached at atannenbaum janerotrosen. Ininspired by her favorite chick lit heroines, she left the wilds of PA in search of dirty martinis and adventure and landed at the Jane Rotrosen Agency.

He was worried that his car might get stolen or he might get robbed. Thanks for chatting with us, Amy! What was the appeal of these books and what about these titles made you want to rep them?

What was your favorite book when you were growing up? A drunk Marine from Camp Pendelton grabbed a drunk Mexican by the back of his shirt, picked him up from one of the benches and threw him into the shit on the floor.

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Donald is excited to be working at the agency as Royalty Manager, and plans to continue his work with children. I simply did not see how getting my head blown off would have helped. She joined the Jane Rotrosen Agency in December of and knew immediately she was right where she belonged.

Hire a professional editor, a cover designer, a publicist. Around the first week of July or so, I hitchhiked down to Mexico, over to New Orleans and up through Mississippi to New York, thinking I might find some stuff to write about along the way Hannah can be reached at hrodywright janerotrosen.

Sabrina can be reached at sprestia janerotrosen. Rebecca is a lifelong New Yorker with an affinity for the German language, and on the rare occasion that she is not reading or crunching numbers, you might just find her zip lining through Ecuador or parasailing over the Mediterranean, plotting her next travel adventure.

She also is an avid photo and art book collector. Christina can be reached at chogrebe janerotrosen. What questions should writers ask their potential agents prior to signing with them?

Learn more about Beep and her friends at www. There was feces all over the floor. Those authors should continue to self-publish. As International Rights Director, Danielle manages the day-to-day operations of the global rights department and works with her team to identify new publication opportunities for our clients in audio, electronic, and print in every language throughout the world.

Inhe graduated with a degree in physics, and began working as a substitute teacher. As soon as the Mexican got comfortable on the bench, just as he was about to pass happily into oblivion, the Marine managed to pick him up by the back of his shirt and throw him down into the shit again.


The moon came up. Upon graduating in Mayshe assumed the full-time role of International Rights Assistant, working with Danielle to find publishing homes for our clients throughout the world. I take on a lot of indie authors, so absolute write amy tannenbaum a book has already been published, I only make minor edits.

I barely got a glimpse of any of the pictures. But at the end of the day, readers just want a good story—an escape. Ultimately, those interests led her to Brooklyn Law School where she soon discovered that the agency side of the publishing industry was the perfect marriage of her interests.Thus began my journey with "The Not So Bad, Not So Great Agent".

Wish me luck on my way back up the hill! ** And yes, I have moved on to write my next work, but it's not yet time to put that first manu to bed and "call it a day" - it was never really shopped!

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Amy Tannenbaum Literary Agent – This article about Literary Agent Amy Tannenbaum and the Jane Rotrosen Agency is part of a series about literary agents and Finding a Literary Agent.

Publishing Agent Amy Tannenbaum is an agent at the Jane Rotrosen Agency. Book Agent Amy Tannenbaum began her publishing career at Harlequin where she edited romances that were far more entertaining than the.

Determined on following her own path, after only 12 months as an assistant and an associate agent, Jane divided her one-bedroom apartment in half and hung out the shingle of Jane Rotrosen Agency. The year was In less than three years, the Agency had its first New York Times Bestseller.

The latest Tweets from Amy Tannenbaum (@aftannenbaum). book editor turned literary agent @Jane_Rotrosen. NYC We've detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser. writing forum: active discussion and community for writers, covering all aspects of the craft and business of writing.

Absolute write amy tannenbaum
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